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Revyline RL 050 Pink Sonic Electric Toothbrush


An effective and easy-to-use device for daily oral hygiene.

The toothbrush has 2 operating modes, Soft and Clean. The bristles vibration frequency is 18,000 per minute and 20,000 per minute accordingly.

Cavity effect is achieved thanks to sonic operation mode of toothbrush: combination of toothpaste, saliva and water gives bubbles. While collapsing, bubbles give rise to explosive waves for plaque removal. 

Important: since many people are afraid to clean veneers with an electric toothbrush due to the intense vibration of the bristles, Revyline declares with all responsibility that RL 050 can and is recommended to be used for veneers.

  • 2 modes, Soft and Clean.
  • X-Waves – cavitation effect: formation of microbubbles for better plaque removal.
  • DuPont bristles.
  • 2-minute timer.
  • Blockage of accidental clicks.
  • Charging via USB Type-C .
  • Remembers the last operating mode.
  • Bristles vibration frequency – 18,000–20,000 per min.
  • Shell material – ABS plastic.
  • Power supply – lithium-ion battery (350 mAh).
  • Full charging time – 3 h.
  • Warranty – 2 years.
  • Average lifetime – 5 years.
  • Electric toothbrush Revyline RL 050.
  • 1 toothbrush head.
  • Base with inductive charger.
  • Instruction manual and warranty card.
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