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Revyline SM5000 Toothbrush Set (6 pcs.)


This unique collection of toothbrushes was developed with the participation of leading dentists of the UAE based on the international research data of oral care.

Unique rounded bristles will literally “sweep out” the remains of food and bacterial plaque, delicately brush the surface of the teeth, without damaging the enamel.

With the regular use of these bristles, you will forget about cavities and other teeth and oral diseases.

Revyline SM5000 Toothbrush ideally suits the whole family and will become your indispensable companion on trips and travels.

  • Bristle is made out of premium quality nylon.
  • The rounded shape and the unique number of bristles (5000) allow to effectively take care of the teeth surface and the root zone.
  • The soft/medium bristle is suitable for most people.
  • UltraX bristles provide an unsurpassed cleaning effect.
  • The compact toothbrush head perfectly cleans hard-to-reach places.
  • The ergonomically shaped propylene handle allows brushing teeth at the right angle.
  • A pack of 6 toothbrushes provides an optimal supply for a year.
  • The toothbrush has a bright, original design.
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